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New skin for MediaCar: Moon 800x600

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  • New skin for MediaCar: Moon 800x600

    I just designed this skin for my own use. Then I thought others *could* like it (it all comes to personal taste). Please be tolerant towards bugs, this is my first skin.
    Keep the following in mind:

    - It is only available in 800x600, but Photoshop sources are available
    - I wanted something with big icons and text. Not that my eyesight is bad, but I find selecting a song while driving a bit tricky.
    - I got rid of what *I* do not need, namely the volume slider in the main menu, no fancy visualizations nor Mappoint menus. Feel free to work on the psd sources to put them back
    - I did not use the "on" mode which highlights the icon the mouse comes across: on a touchscreen, there is no use for that. Or is there ?
    - I am happy to hear comments and bug reports, but please be patient with the according corrections, I have a day job
    - Should there be interest in this skin, would anyone want to host the files for the community ? (the skin is 16 Mb, the sources 28 Mb)

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    Beautiful skin, compliment, surely will try and even resolve if there are some bugs!
    Yes,put on-line for download



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      The thing is: I do not have enough web space to publish the files in one go. I may have to split them. Could you host the files ? If not, I will check with my provider and get back to you tomorrow.
      PS: I have been reading you for quite a while, now. And your english has definitely improved Compliment coming from a Ticinese !


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        Found space to store it:

        Media car Moon 800x600

        Please let me know what you guys think about it.


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          Mauri, did you download the photoshop files ?