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any way to get asian text to work?

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  • any way to get asian text to work?

    Hello everyone, first time post, long time troll. Ive searched but have not come up with anything close to subject, i asume because there is no demand. But is there any way to get east asian text to work with media car? Is there any front end that supports it? Thanks...I just like to a lot of K-pop and J-pop

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    As far as i know it wont show up cause of the font thats being used.

    If you could use a diff font for asian text then all the other mp3's wont work right.

    I know what u mean as i listen to some jpop kpop and cpop (i call it cpop :P dont kow if there is a proper name lol)

    Best i can do is get the titles translated to english thats all.

    I dont think u will find a workaround for it at all sorry
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      I'm running XP with the language pack installed for chinese, japanese, and korean. It can read all the characters just fine. Though it might break some software like Street Atlast 2003 (Even though delorme won't admit it)


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        Might need to set your default language for non-unicode programs to Japanese / Korean / etc...