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problems w/ equalizer

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  • problems w/ equalizer

    hey, my music is sounding pretty flat, and i'm not sure what's causing it. I tried ot adjust the equalizer settings, but it like resets them. It's wierd casue if i try to fix the ballance of the speakers, it causes teh volume to go all the way down. I don't know if this is bugged or if there is a better way to ahndle this. any help appreciated. OH btw, shoudl i install dfx on it? will that help?

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    What mobo do you have?

    I know the Epia M10000 does let you control bass and treble.


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      i have a ****ball mobo; i'm using my old, old desktop computer.


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        WHAT soundcard?? I'm guessing you have a driver issue thats what was wrong with my setup in windows 98. I think I had VXD driver and I should have WDM. Replaced to WDM driver and all worked


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          I have PCI 128 soudn card. Very old. I don't know what the difference between a VXD and WDM driver is or what that even means. I'll try searchin some stuff later, but in the mean time it'd be great if you could help.