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Can't get MediaCar to start up with windows

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  • Can't get MediaCar to start up with windows

    I just did a clean install of XP with SP2 and finally have everything working flawlessly but I have one very annoying glitch. If I put a shotcut to MediaCar in the Sartup Menu's "Startup" folder, I get an error from IO.dll every time that says that IO.dll is busy and can't be access at that time. I have to force quit io.dll as the ok button doesn't work. This is very annoying as this did NOT happen before the clean install. I tried startup up in Diagnostic Mode under start->run->msconfig.sys; but it still happens. I'm currently resorting to double-tapping a MediaCar icon on my windows desktop every time I start up. I know when to start the application by waiting for my wireless internet connection icon to come up in the start bar (which seems to take like 5-10 seconds to show up after windows completes startup, which I don't remember happening before the re-install). If I try opening MediaCar before this icon shows up, I get the IO.dll error every time.

    Anyone know why this is happening or what I can do to fix the problem without reinstalling? Is there a way to delay the auto-startup of a program by 5-10 seconds? That way windows would still auto-launch it for me, but after it has the io.dll in a non-occopied state.


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    Why are you using SP2?


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      I have XP-SP2 and don't have any problems. But I had installed XP, then MC then SP2.

      What does the error say exactly?


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        I'm also running XPSP2 and MediaCar. Like TimmyM, I had installed MC prior to installing SP2. I don't know if that is the problem or not. Maybe try uninstalling SP2 and see what happens. Sorry I couldn't be of more help to you.


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          Try to start MediaCar from a batchfile. Just put the path to the mediacar binary in a textfile, name it to mediacar.bat or .cmd and put a shortcut to that file in the startup folder. If it doesn't work You can add a sleep command prior to launching mediaplayer in order to hold the launch for x number of seconds (sleep.exe is found in XP resource kit).

          Another idea would be to copy the io.dll from %windir%\system32 to the mediacar directory. Depending on how mediacar is coded I guess that it might use the first instance of this DLL that it finds, using the one in the mediacar directory first (if it exists) and thus not caring if the io.dll under system32 is used.

          Yet another idea is to use Group Policys for MediaCar startup. Go to start->run and start gpedit.msc. Once the Group Policy tool has started, go to Computer Configuration->Windows Settings->Scripts (Startup/Shutdown) and double-click on Startup. There You can add the Medicar binary and it will (or at least should) start at startup.

          Just workarounds to help You out - dunno wether they work or not (especially the second one as I don't know much about libraries in windows).
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            I hacked my car pc registry and in the run folder I made a record for media car.
            If you want more info ill tell you all how to do so.
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