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[Mediacar] default skin in 800x600 needed!

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  • [Mediacar] default skin in 800x600 needed!

    I need a resized default skin (yes, the blue one) to 800x600 (I have a PAL/RGB 6inch screen)
    I used to resize it using the config of mediacar (show 848x480 as 00x600), but since i started using Destinator, the destinator does not match the screen/skin size.. So now i need a _real_ 800x600 skin.
    It's not supplied by coyote.. Has anybody manually resized it to 800x600?
    Please supply a attachment or link?

    BTW: i have seen the brushed metal skin in 800x600. I used it once to check if the destinator-problem was solved (it did) but i don't like the dark skin at all
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    well, this topic caught your attention.. NOT
    No need for resized skin anymore.. I found out that i needed some adjustments in the destintator 3 frontend ini-files.
    It works fine now on 800x600..
    Have a look at My carPC