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Is the MediaCar project dead?

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  • Is the MediaCar project dead?

    I am just wondering if the project has been perceived as dead?

    If the developers need someone to continue the work, myself and a couple of my friends would definitely be up for the challenge...

    I'm an experienced sofware developer, and I have wanted to make something like this for a long time for my own car... Why not continue someone elses great work, work out any bugs, and make it a stable Car OS system for everyone?

    What's the deal with contacting the author (Coyote??) of MediaCar regarding this? And, would anyone else be interested in picking up the project with me if indeed it has been declared DOA?

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    This has been posted several times man.

    Coyotes working on his own business ventures I believe, and will continue the project in the future, I believe.
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      It's the cake having/eating thing.


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        sorry, didn't see that one before..


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          reading that thread again, even in that thread its been months while there was an update.

          i think it really is time to say the project is "finished"
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            How hard do you think it would be to get our hands on the sourcecode to carry it on?? It is GPL after all..


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              I would also be interested in co-developing MediaCar further. I'm also a professional programmer...

              Maybe if coyote really hasn't got anymore time he won't mind if enthousiast continue where he left off...

              I'm thinking along the lines of making this a sourceforge project or something like that... That way everybody can participate and development would be sped up immensly...

              Did anybody PM coyote or send an email to him?


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                Have a look at this! I'm sure they would be glad for you to help.
                It's the cake having/eating thing.


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                  All of the documentation would be in french!


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                    Well the source should be somewhat self-explanatory...
                    At least, that's my experience. I have no interest in a linux project, altough i do also run linux and code for it it is not suitable for my needs.

                    MediaCar has everything i want in an app, i'm just interested in improving/bugfixing it...


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                      I am not sure if its dead but its certainly not been updated as Coyote is off doing real life programining.... Is it dead well I would suggest one of the Mods here contact Coyte and ask him what the plans are. If he is indeed comming back then post a sticky let every one know etc, if not archive this Forum away for safe keeping.

                      Either way I think Coyote needs to be asked what he wants to do... he can always update his web site.

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