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Some core questions need answering.....

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  • Some core questions need answering.....

    Heres one for people making skins.

    Lets see if we can answer these so myself and others can learn from it.

    1) Does the default skin use every feature available to us or are there other undocumented labels etc.?

    2) What features can be skinned but don't actually work (my guess is its master mute and the on screen keyboards)?

    3) It appears that you cant just make a button jump to somewhere else, there are rules. Example being you could not put a skin button in the music player. I tried putting a skin button on the main menu but had to put an APPEARANCE button instead. Is this correct?

    I think these will give a better idea of what can be done with a skin. I know i scanned the forums looking for these answers but considering how long mediacar has been out, im amazed nobody had asked or answered these questions.