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  • Only works front speakers

    I have a Asus kv7 with onboard 5.1 soundchip in my car.
    And front, rear and subwoofer speakers are connected to motherboard's front, rear and center outputs.

    All works right with windows media player, steinberg MyMP3, and one bad player that cames in Asus installation drivers cd.

    Windows sounds, like exclamations, start, close, etc, sounds for all speakers, but mediacar only sounds from front speakers...

    Anyone knows why???

    I try to change winamp eq settings, but nothing...

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    Configure winamp.
    PowerVoice v1 | NaviVoice Source
    GammaControl v2.4
    SKINbedder v3

    1995 Lexus SC300


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      Sure, i tried to do it...
      But I don't see speakers setup in mediacar setup...
      Where is that option?
      Or perhaps are you speak about winamp application?
      Is necessary to install winamp too? I have only mediacar, and the options for winamp that cames with it.


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        change the speaker setup with the software provided by your manufacturer of the MOBO.


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          This soft say me i have a 5.1 speakers, all right in them. And windows setup says the same.

          And windows media player and steinberg mymp3 sounds for all speakers too. Is only mediacar what can't do it. The problem must be in it.