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  • Hardware requirements

    Can someone tell me what kind of hardware will media car run on? Im looking to build a pc-104 computer that has only a 1GB disk-on-chip. What OS does it use (linux, embedded xp)?

    My plan is to for the pc-104 to run a small frontend software capable of mp3 playback. The data (music/video/etc) files would reside externally on an usb2, firewire, or ethernet drive.

    Is there another (smaller) software solution that might be better for my application?


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    Not sure you can run MediaCar on Enbbeded XP.. it does run on normal windows.. most front-ends you'll find are not all that big, but the skins can be pretty big (<20Mbs), 1Gb should be enough to install windows and a few front ends though.. I would tell you to try Road Runner (smaller than MediaCar with support to its skins) but then again I'm biased...

    PS: I do have reports that Road Runner works with XP Embbeded if that's what you want to use.
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