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My New Passat mediacruiser Skin

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  • My New Passat mediacruiser Skin

    My first post on this forum, and lookin forward to more.

    this is the 1st versionof my skin, works cool.
    will likely add little tabs describing the grey boxes, and mabe shots of my install, or a wiring diagram of sorts on the blank white space.

    dont like how this one handels the video, cant get it to display larget that 800X600.

    Cant wait for the other software to come out to skin.
    is there any wat to modify the mediaengin sub screens so they do not have the 2 rows of buttons (wac=ked) hope v2 is not that way.

    Can I get a pre release kickdown of that frodoplayer to try next??
    looks like just what the doctor ordered

    anyways here they are:

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    Hey nice skin!!

    For the video in another resoltion than 800x600 I must fix this ASAP!!!

    Thanks for your work...

    Any D/L yet?
    Epia M9000, lili 7" vga&touch & 2xTM-7002S compo, camera with reversed image, 2.5" 60 GB, 256Mb DDR, Opus 90W, GPS usb... AND MEDIACRUISER of course!


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      Skin looks good, but you may want to fix some of the spelling


      Car changed for TVR Griffith 500, so computer de-installed. Using a Dension 100ix w/60Gb HD unit in the interim.

      Carputer Install -
      CarBox Software --


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        Oh My, It was late, but thats no
        VIDIEO...ROFL .......................

        Editing Now.. and re upping


        Red text is the mouseovers.
        Oh the red and blue matches my dash lights


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          very clean
          how bright is that at night?
          Originally posted by menudude
          thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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            I will tell you when I get it in the car how bright it is.
            I designed it to be easily swappable background color.

            The round dial part wil always stay the color ir is, but the rest is totally dynamic.

            No other comments??? Please post opinions, likes n dislikes, suggestions.

            I take requests for skin Ideas for your Auto, especially if you keep the round dial, that was hard to line up.


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              I dont like your buttons...
              dont get my wrong they are very clean but they are just to plain
              Originally posted by menudude
              thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...