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  • Presentation of MediaCruiser

    Actual MediaCruiser features::

    MediaCruiser is a frontend written in Delphi.
    The goal of this frontend is to be as FAST & SIMPLE as possible
    You can operate it with touchscreen or/and keyboard (=remote & grider)
    This Front end is 100% skinable
    It’s based on WMP9 & 10, You can play all your media that windows mp*,ogg, avi, wma, wmv… (*add a dll for ogg support in wmp)
    It’s a standalone application that doesn’t require any dll or ocx to by installed to your system.
    Destinator 3 is embedded or you can choose another app.

    Current modules are Main, audio, video, external apps, gps

    To be continued…

    Check the Video of mediacruiser:
    Epia M9000, lili 7" vga&touch & 2xTM-7002S compo, camera with reversed image, 2.5" 60 GB, 256Mb DDR, Opus 90W, GPS usb... AND MEDIACRUISER of course!