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My upcoming media player: neocar media center

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  • My upcoming media player: neocar media center


    I'm from switzerland (this is why my english's bad )
    I've allready posted here about my upcoming car media player.
    It was called "neocar" but yet i have renamed it to "neocar suite".

    What's neocar suite ?

    It consist of 3 apps:

    - neocar media center (main app)
    - neocar skin workshop
    - neocar manager (config app)

    Here are some features it allready have:

    - modules allready fully available: main, audio, video, equalizer, custom apps, images, file list
    - entirely skinnable, pixel per pixel, any buttons and functions you want
    - standalone application
    - FMOD based audio
    - support of winamp AVS by default, WITHOUT winamp installed
    - support of winamp DSP and input plugins (without winamp also )
    - support of cuesheets to virtually divide audio files in tracks, or video files in chapters
    - 3 viewmodes for all modules: normal / medium / full, each skinnable and realtime switchable
    - 3 viewmodes for the file list: normal, detailed, icons
    - you choose your favourites folders and browsing is relative within these folders
    - support of automatic preview images / descriptions of audio cds and movies
    - upcoming (soooooon) support of a custom scripting system, to add your own buttons and your own functions (VB based scripting code)
    - all you see on the screen is configurable


    The only actual problem for you is that neocar suite is only in french at the moment

    But. it's the 0.6 version... no gps module integrated (but custom apps can be..) coming in version 0.8, version 0.7 is for keyboard support and neocarscript (NCS).
    Later i will add LCD support...

    Here a few images of the actual release.. the blue skin is the new default skin.

    Any appreciations are welcome

    neocar media center:

    Main menu, without audio loaded

    Same menu with audio in background

    Audio in "normal" mode

    Click on AVS, then NMC switch to medium:

    Another click.. full mode:

    Same system with video module (this is medium):

    File list in detailed mode and icons:

    Another skin with filelist and movie preview on folder:

    And the image module (here with audio in backround:

    At last.. one image of the skinning app neocar skin workshop and another from neocar manager for config:

    Too many to show here

    Let's go for the comments

    [UPDATE 2004/08/28]

    Here's a sneak preview of updated configuration manager (neocar manager) using the newly created language file.
    For all the 3 applications, language file is about 500 lines of traduction

    As i said, i will make some bug corrections on this app and then release a intermediate version (0.65) to let you better use neocar media center upon new release (expected for november)

    Here's the preview:

    Finally i have worked on the traduction of neocar skin workshop.
    It's 100% multinlingual now.

    Tomorrow i will start debugging and then release:

    - new version of neocar manager
    - new version of neocar skin workshop

    Both fully traducted in english. There will be only some bug corrections and some functions will not work with the current public release of neocar media center (0.6) but with this versions you will able to use more of the power of neocar BEFORE the upcoming new version (expected for November)

    Here's the preview of new neocar skin workshop in english:

    NS - neocar suite

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    Any links for dl?


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      Looks awsome, keep it up!
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        I must say I am pretty stunned .. Any chance this will be available to try?


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          this looks pretty good, let us know when you release for test I know some guys around here can do some pretty good beta testing
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            Can you launch apps from the main screen?
            Can it embed apps?
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              wow anyone else in here know French and can translate this?
              CarPC install is starting to come along again...


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                I guess the other NEO is gonna have to rename his
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                It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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                  let's hope the functionality will be the same!!!
                  Anyone embeding TELETYPE GPS?????


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                    Looks cool. Definitely going to need a skin in English though
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                      Well this one sure just popped out of the blue.... Look at all of the functionality.

                      netsuo... you cant just tease us like that... Give us a download link

                      Or do you plan to keep it to yourself?
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                        yet, you can only embed applications like other car players, removing the window's caption.

                        But 'im developping a gps routing module based on mappoint 2004 (because the lack of sdk in european gps apps )

                        If you want to try, here's the link to neocar suite 0.6, but:

                        - it's still buggy (current version in dev is MORE MORE stable and optimized (EXE size divide by 2 and memory /cpu usage 40% down..)

                        - i have problems with nsis installer on some systems.. some dll probs..

                        Anyway, you can try...

                        You MUST load neocar manager, then go to "options générales" and then set the favourite folders in "liste des répertoires". You write the name of the favourite in the first textbox, and then you choose the folder with "...". And now add it to the list with "Ajouter".

                        Then save in the left menu with "enregistrer"

                        You can now load neocar media center (with old skin only). You can also start necar skin workshop to play with skinning.


                        If you have any probs, i will try to help you as fast as possible

                        And if you read french, help is appreciated to translate some parts of the app for tu future multilingual version

                        Thanx for your interest.
                        NS - neocar suite


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                          You actually write almost perfect English.
                          AMD XP 2600+/512MB RAM/120GB hard drive
                          Opus 150W/DVD/GPS/7" Lilliput TS/802.11g/Bluetooth

                          -GPSSecure- - GPS Tracking
                          -AltTabber2.2.2- - Handy touchscreen utility.


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                            Thanx, i'm glad to see you're interested on my project...

                            I'm now sure i want to make it multilingual (the code is easy to fit in.. but i need to finish the 07 version before..)
                            NS - neocar suite


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                              Here's a picture of mappoint 2004 embedded simply with the apps module:

                              NS - neocar suite