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neocar media center 07 preview video

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  • neocar media center 07 preview video

    Here's a 2:52 mins video showing some of the new functions of upcoming 07 version.

    Nothing to say.. just.. good show

    Note: this is a beta, some loading times / skin look maybe different at application release... The video's also not in full color quality.. [39mb]
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    Very nice, when is the proposed date of release?
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      I know it's always the same reply, but in time i can't get any release date.. if possible current November...
      NS - neocar suite


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        please let it be november! Still haven't installed decent software on my carpc, so I'm really waiting for neo to be out!

        List of front-ends/usefull apps
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          Very nice netsuo,

          This thread seems to be hidden, glad I found it again

          I know its in the early stage but I have noticed the windows desktop seems to pop up when you change application...any chance that not happening in the release version?

          How about a relay/digital/analog card support?


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            For the relay / .., will see later 07.. but all request is still in mind

            For the windows desktop appearing, it's only a "miss" in coding, it's not in all module as i've coded some transitions but not the others
            NS - neocar suite


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              netsuo you have PM.

              I'm still waiting for the video to download it will take another 45 minutes... at which time I'm sure I will have something to say about it
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                Took a while to download, with a cable connection but, look really really good so far, can't wait for it come out so I can play with it.
                The only thing I don't like is that is show your desktop when you switch between things. Hope that will be fixed.
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                  nicely done
                  throw a moon

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                    With a "qwerz" keyboard ! Excellent, won't even have to skin that ! Saw a pic, did the S3 break down and you had to PUSH it ? :-)


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                      The keyboard is just an example.. as always in NMC, it's entirely customizable...
                      NS - neocar suite


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                        wow, lookin good
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