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The NMC 07 "surprise" function unveiled

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  • The NMC 07 "surprise" function unveiled

    This function was ended a month earlier, but i've taken the surprise

    This is the new playlist mode on the filelist. You have 2 options: open a existing playlist and add / remove files or create a new one using on screen keyboard.

    You can use 2 file formats: Winamp's m3u with only support of adding / removing files. You have also the NPL format (for neocar playlist). The new option here is that you can add folders to the playlist. Then you can organize your playlist's files and close / open dynamically folders on the playing module or the playlist mode from the filelist.

    The advantage is that you can have lots of files but take a good view on them. You can also close a folder directly from the audio module or video module, and the folder will not be played.

    To manage the lists, you can add / remove multiples files / folder direct with the touchscreen.

    Note that in the final 07 version you will be able to make video NPL playlist and mixed video / audio playlist with automatic module switching

    Here are screenshots.

    Filelist with the "Add playlist" button on top and the 2 filelist extensions supported:

    After clicking on a playlist file, this is what's shown:

    Same mode with folder closed (one click on it )

    Multiple selection on the "add to playlist" mode:

    Playlist mode in the audio module:

    Another screenshot with the "add playlist" function:
    NS - neocar suite

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    Good job. This program will be used in my car.


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      Added 1 screenshot
      NS - neocar suite


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        oooh la la
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          Looking good!
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            wow, such a nice feature. I didn't realize how useful a feature like that would be until you presented it. Now I can't believe I haven't thought of that before.


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              ahhh... Cant wait to have that i my car with that silver skin.
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                Now thats what I call a play list editor.

                Great work and waiting for Beta version of 07
                The road is long but we are getting there.


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                  ok, that answered the one problem that I have with this program...thanks a lot! I'll have to wait till this is released until it is fully functional for my needs. Thanks again for all your hard work!
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                    How many levels deep can it go ?
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                    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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                      i dont know, if i understand your question right,
                      do you mean levels = Subfolder?

                      Then there is no limit in levels.

                      The *.npl file looks like this:
                      FILE D:\Musik\Nightwish\Tales from the Elvenpath (2004)\04-nightwish- bless the child.mp3
                      FILE D:\Musik\Synasthasia\Synasthasia - Scotias Death.mp3
                      FILE D:\Musik\Nightwish\Tales from the Elvenpath (2004)\08-nightwish- stargazers.mp3
                      So, there is no problem with different sub-folder in a playlist.

                      It works perfect for me in NMC 07 ALPHA2a