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[POLL] AVS in neocar media center

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  • [POLL] AVS in neocar media center

    I have a problem with current version of NMC: Winamp's AVS.

    I've detected that when i do not load Winamp's AVS in NMC, all is LOT more stable. The reason is that i'm not lauching Winamp to make AVS work, but i only send the sound infos to AVS via winamp.dll (a custom user made DLL that is NOT my creation).
    This link between winamp.dll and AVS is ****. And i can't find any other option to work with AVS without Winamp installed.

    And i'm sure: Winamp will NEVER required for NMC to work.

    So.. i've tried to find another good visualisation system to embed in NMC, but i have'nt found anything. I cannot use other Winamp Vis in order that this will be "****" as the actual solution (can't get ride of winamp.dll's use).

    I'm asking me: does i need to keep AVS option or can i get ride of this, and make another basic visualization (like oscilloscope or spectrum).

    I need your opinion. For me AVS is not critical but for you ?
    NS - neocar suite

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    For me AVS is critical for cool factor


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      For me Oscillscope or spectrum will do. I'm 41 of age and AVS is cool (my daughter and wife like it also), but if it compromises stability I prefer stability. My original thought was using it for GPS and MP3 because a PDA sucks. I'm a lot on the road for repairing pc's, so this was the main target. While driving, your eyes aren't that much focussed on the screen ...
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        If it comes to stability. My opinion is to get rid of the VIS. No need for it on the road anyway.
        The road is long but we are getting there.


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          Same here (apart from the 41 )!

          Visualisation is only needed when showing off the car, which could be done by an external application.

          Stability is a must for me! I want to ditch any standard windows applications (windows explorer, any config software etc...) so I cannot have fatal errors exiting NMC

          Maybe an option to disable the AVS ?
          List of front-ends/usefull apps
          XTroniC | XTroniC Direct


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            supress the AVS control in NSW and it will not load
            NS - neocar suite


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              But will it be stable then?

              If so, leave it the way it is and bring out 2 skins
              List of front-ends/usefull apps
              XTroniC | XTroniC Direct


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                while you not add the AVS control, winamp.dll is not loading..

                NS - neocar suite


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                  I hate the AVS

                  So I say chuck it
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                    Before I vote, I'd like to say THIS VERSION ROCKS DUDE! Frankly I've been following your NMC for quite some time now (since carmedia) and I was disappointed. But I am really liking this release. So much better than past releases.

                    As for the poll, I'd say get rid of the viz on the audio skin. I find it ugly. Maybe something small and unintrusive like this perhaps:
                    But please have a button for fullscreen viz.

                    BTW how do I make the album art to appear?
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                      Lots of thanks

                      The button for the fullvis is created in 2 secs LOL For the AVS, i will think a little more (1 or 2 days) and then make the changes i've decided. Anyway: CHECK OUT THE FORUM IN FEW MINUTES.

                      album art is easy: place a preview.jpg file in the album's folder. You can also place a "description.txt" or simply use neocar manager under "audio options > album managment" and just select the folder and click "Search"
                      NS - neocar suite


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                        I disagree, AVS is a big factor taht taking the carputer systems apart from anything that is on the market. Many players display names out there...avs is something that only the power of a computer can support!
                        I just love it, it make the techonology look very new age.
                        just an opinion, I am very "passionate" about the stability of a program...we cant technology the has "blue screens" every other day lol
                        but i love the skin neo...its really really nice...
                        I tried creating one similar for frodo...but never finished:
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                          No need to finish the skin!

                          I cant think of any feature that is around that NMC doesnt handle some way!

                          NMC RULESSS!

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                          Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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                            No, don't get rid of the AVS. Otherwise, Couchepin will have us work until the age of 90 <private joke>.

                            Seriously, I hate the all AVS in car systems, I think it looks a bit "Pimp my ride". Absolutely no offense meant to those who like it, though

                            I am happy to use your GREAT skin editor and get rid of it.


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                              nmc does rule but it's very buggy so drop the VIS. Can't you use Windows Meida player 9 or 10's vis?