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what do u prefer ? (skin)

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  • what do u prefer ? (skin)

    ok peeps.. I've had about three attempts at doing the skin for the main module

    eachtime doing something slightly different.. 3 times because of 1st powercut.. lost work.. 2. Photoshop crashed.. 3.. this one..

    Just need to know do you like the blue buttons, or would you prefer them nearly black like the ones on the head unit..

    Please help.. its getting late.. and I aint got a clue anymore lol


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    il like to see different than all currently seen "brushed metal" skins.

    So a blue colour is good for me. But lot of colors are pretty unused also
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      Whow, THAT's a nice skin!

      The blue buttons look nice and clear, i like them best. Blue, but maybe a little darker....
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        Very Nice. How about Orange Buttons to match the BMW Dash.
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          I'm really liking all of these skins that are being made to look like car stereos. Its a kewl twist that fits right in and soooo... I LIKE IT! Keep up the good work. As for the color of buttons, I think they look good... making them a little darker would also look good but thats not to say that the color is wrong now. Nice!
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            i actually prefer the black buttons - but blue doesn't look all that bad


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              Great skin, but I'd prefer a darker shade of blue
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                ok thanks for all your input, made them slightly darker.. but noticed a couple of bugs.. hope they can be sorted..

                bugs are..

                No actual volume being displayed
                No scrolling of Track_Title
                When pressing Play, the volume no longer decreases via slider.. just stops
                Shuffle / repeat buttons no longer hold down when clicked

                What I have noticed, which I prefer is the speed the track and volume go up and down compared with the audio screen .. any ideas why ?

                anyway.. hard at it..

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                  that's a pretty cool skin.
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                    That blue still doesn't look right.


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                      Originally posted by netsuo
                      il like to see different than all currently seen "brushed metal" skins.

                      So a blue colour is good for me. But lot of colors are pretty unused also

                      Sick of my cooking huh? Yeah, me too. I had this mediacar brushed metal skin for almost a year now. But the wife has gotten used to it, and she doesn't like having to relearn every functions again. So I think I actually am going to work/modify on the old skin for myself.

                      BTW teh skin really looks good! I think I'm gonna use this for myself I vote for either grayish black or glowing BMW orange (kinda like more mods' alpine skin in mediacar forum)
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                        Once again, great job on the skin. Just thought I'd see what the buttons would look like in a gray. I think it looks pretty good-just wanted to throw this out there as an idea.
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                          I like the BMW colors, and blue isn't one of them
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                            I'm not sure why you have the frame around the edge? Doesn't that just end up making everything smaller?

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                              Originally posted by CdRsKuLL
                              my fav
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