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Yet another NMC Skin [NMCBMW]

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  • Yet another NMC Skin [NMCBMW]

    I did post this yeasterday, but with the DB begin refreshed the post was lost.

    Anyway.. I'm making this skin for the following reasons;

    1. For Me :-) to suit my BMW (orange look)
    2. For the Wife.. something simple and easy to use in the car
    3. Thats about it really

    The music and video screens are the same.. the buttons in the same place and they do the same thing :-).. I'm trying to get away from the main menu thing like mediacar has.. as since you can stick these on the side theres no real point having a main menu. The Exit button is where the center of the BMW logo is. It shouldnt be used to much so putting it there prob a good idea. anyway should have it completed end of next week if i'm lucky :-)


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    guess no one likes it then.. lol
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      It looks really good. I like the over all layout of the skin. The color selection is nice as well. I'm just not fellin the buttons too much, I don't know theres something about them that doesn't seem right. Aother than that its a great skin.
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        It gets a thumbs-up from me

        It'll just take a while to get used to the buttons...
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          I like it too. Layout is great.
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