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DAB Radio intergration ?

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  • DAB Radio intergration ?

    ok peeps I been missing my radio (HU) in my car like mad, the dlink usb one aint the best and sometimes bluescreens on mediacar.. which is never good.

    I've just got a wavefinder DAB usb thing off ebay for about 30 in p&p. Now it does have issues with running on SP2, but its at the mo running on XPsp1 no probs. The quality is 100%. I've yet to bundle the laptop its running on and the wavefinder into the car and driven round to see if it works ok moving about.

    But I think it will has the aerial at the mo it just on the desk in the house and the signal i'm getting is 100% so it looks good.

    There are afew 1/3 party apps out, which makes me think it must be quite easy (for a programmer) to make a frontend to it. The ones that are out arnt very touchscreen friendly.. dabwin it prob the best as its skinable but to change stations its a couple of button presses.

    I already know aimee is trying to intergrate this and wondered if there is any chance it might be intergrated with NMC ? or if anyone wants to start making a frontend for it that is skinable and touchscreen friendly ? that could be embedded into NMC..

    I'm very impressed with this wavefinder so far !

    please tell me there might be a future for this.

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    I've just got my WaveFinder today, but I'm running sp2 on my main pc. Is there anyone who has got the drivers to work in sp2 or know of anyway I could get it to work on sp2 ?
    Also, what is NMC ?
    If anyone can point me into the direction of an SDK for this device, I'd be interested in making a quick touch friendly prog.


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      yeah I'd love to see the implemented too.


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        Can anyone confirm whether they can get a good DAB radio signal in their moving car ??