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  • Error 13

    Hi Netsuo,

    im back on skinning, but i have a problem.

    I get EVERYTIME an "Error 13" when i start my skin.

    Ive tried to make a second new skin with your pix.
    so i copied all files into a new Folder, and delete the skin.xml.
    Then i only made the Main Skin with NSW.
    Without any buttons only the time and the volume buttons.
    I get also a "error 13" with this "skin".

    The Info folder is complete filled out.

    do you have any idea what i made worng or what is missing?


    --sorry for my english this time -- i got a Big Flo (Bronchitis)
    But i also got time to skin

  • #2
    It's maybe possible that NMC try to update a button or text that's not draw...

    I'm sorry with all theses errors but I am exceeded by the events
    NS - neocar suite


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      Maybe his NSW still has the resoltion bug? Go into the Edit->Skin Information in NMC, set the base resolution (even if it hasnt changed), click OK, then save, now try it again...

      I had a problem like this when I deleted AVS.

      2005 Range Rover 4.4
      Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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        I got it !!!

        If you select a "embedded_filelist" without having a "list_fichiers"-Skin,
        NMC crashed with "error 13"

        I skip the "embedded_filelist" in the audio- und videoskin and the works.
        So i made a "list_fichiers"-Skin (Filelist)

        Now i can display the "embedded_filelist".

        I dont know why, but it works for me now.


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          I tought of this, but you said that you only have made the main module ? On main module there's no embedded filelist..
          NS - neocar suite


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            i aktually can not remeber why this happend.
            It must be another problem with that skin.

            At the moment i work on the EQ (thats hard)

            Do you know how to read the CD-Text? (another idea)