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  • Update on development

    A little update on the current work in progress.

    I've finished optimizing audio, video and photos modules. All are working completely trough keyboard shortcuts also.
    The filelist module is working 90%, i've recoded all this module to make it better (in code, but the functions will stay same).

    Here are some functions i've added:

    - On-Screen Display with keyboard actions (even over the video or AVS)
    - you can now select a different font / size/color/alignement for each show mode in the skin. Changes are backward compatible
    - new images caching system for all filelists. Now all images are cached for better results
    - new previews images showing system: the folder is loading directly without previews and they are loaded and painted after for better performance
    - you can use keyboard shortcuts for every NMC's actions, even if the control is NOT on the skin ! (this will be perfect for keyboard controlled skins without any buttons )

    Now i'm finishing the filelist and i will then go for the last part of the general optimization: the external apps module. I have to make a better support for mapmonkey and other external apps.

    I plan to finish in 1 , 1.5 weeks and after that i will release a new NMC version
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    Aways a god job!
    I'm waiting the new version
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      Sweet i can't wait

      I use external programs alot and i had to go back a version to use gps which i hate they look the same but they don't feel the same.

      So i've been using other frontends till the new NMC comes out.

      Great news on the new features can't wait netsuo
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