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[POLL] What you want for documentations about NMC ?

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  • [POLL] What you want for documentations about NMC ?

    Hello all.

    I'm about to start documenting NMC. So i need your requests about this:

    - what tutorials should i made ?
    - what references about NMC should i write
    - what you need in order to use NMC properly ?

    Please let me know all your requests about manuals. And please CONTACT ME if you can help me writing any doc for NCM, as i'm not very good in english, i take LOT of time writting in this language
    NS - neocar suite

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    Skin documents

    granted its very easy to skin in NMC but it be nice for other people to read up

    I'd be happy to ready your bad english and clean it up i can decipher anything hehe but i'm not a good writer never was handy at writing docs or stories but im happy to help in anyway
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      Help is VERY appreciated.. i have allready a base for a skinning tutorial unveiling all features. I'll work on it and then will release it here to make some changes as you want

      If anyone can play with NCS (neocarscript), don't hesitate to post your scripts even if it's just a test. I'll make a thread now for scripts discussions.
      NS - neocar suite