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Bugs with keyboard shortcuts?

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  • Bugs with keyboard shortcuts?

    1. When using keyboard or remote to navigate NMC, if you go to main menu and select audio module then key presses are mostly not working. They do work sometimes but i have not been able to see any pattern as to when it does or doesnt work.

    NMC seems to get "unselected" as the current program. To get shortcuts working again, you need to click on NMC on the windows taskbar. This happens even if NMC is the only program running.

    There doesnt seem to be a problem with any other module.

    2. When in any module, if you use the shortcut for main module sometimes need to press the button twice.

    3. In main module - when using shortcut for previous module, it only detects one press, will not cycle through the different modules. Also, the OSD goes to previous but on screen the selected module does not change.

    e.g When return to main module, pressing next module changes from
    audio > video > photos. If press previous module, OSD will show video but photos is still selected. Pressing again does nothing.

    There is no problem using next module.
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