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Problems with Skins ?

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  • Problems with Skins ?

    Hi there

    well NMC is quite a good software, but no other skin except the "Light" works on my CarPC ?!? My Favorite is the Pioneer one, but after loading the GUI , i can't press any button or can quit the Programm. Then i tried the Tech skin and even this wont work . there comes the "loading" screen and then there's a blank screen without buttons

    What did I done wrong ?
    Latest NMC Version downloaded today

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    I'm sorry but from the last version, you'll need to update skins to make it work with NMC, because skin format has changed.

    So, the only skin actually working is Light.

    I'm currently not at home, i'll be back Sunday. After that i'll try to update available skins for the last version.

    Thanks for you patience.
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      well i just tried the alpha Version , but there the Pioneer doesn't work,too

      Any Ideas?


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        as much I know, the downloadable Pioneer Skin in skin thread was written for NMC 0.7beta1.. but you could modify the skin.xml and make it compatibel for 0.7beta2.. ..

        at present there is not only the light skin working on beta2.. there is also the NMC Blue Skin that netsuo has been updated!