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  • Keyboard "DVD" mode preview

    Here's a video preview showing you what i'm coding theses days.

    Its a mode to allow you navigate and use all NMC functions (even scripts) using keyboard and ONLY 3 or 5 keys like on a DVD remote.

    The "3 keys" mode is just a mode that cycle trough current module's controls, you have button left, right or OK to validate functions. This will be great for peripherals like powermate.

    The "5 keys" mode is like on a DVD remote: right, left, up, down and OK to validate.

    Better than words, here's a teaser, im using 5 keys mode in this video
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    I'm the first to say again what we always say :
    So it rocks. Well done again. Your inspiration looks endless to me.
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      Well, a great method to access NMC if you dontīt have a touchscreen or touchpad or a remote. But would hardly replace them I think..


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        I have a touchscreen, but every day i see more ergonomic problems with it.. i think its dangerous while driving..

        And with sun -> unreadable..
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          I agree trying to change a song on the touchscreen is dangerous yet we still do it.

          If you got a small 3 button (or wheel controls) controller you have tactile feel and can change songs etc without taking your eyes off the road
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            good point, but you still need your eyes to navigate...īcause netsuo created a cross-navigation over all NMC parts and functions.

            Different would it be, if the right and left key is only for track navigation. Short press would change immediately the track and long press is for FFWD and RWND like on a real radio.

            Because if you want to use the "5 keys mode", it would totaly sufficient to navigate with up, down and the ok key, trough current module controls. please think about it netsuo!

            The other way is, making NMC more controllable without looking at it. So you know itīs very simple to get some sound or voice output from NMC trough NCS. Using Speech SDK or pre-defined wav samples about Module changes or the Track status.
            You only have to extend your code-reference with module-control changes

            I really would love to build kind a wheel near the display with those functions in my next install. Maybe buttons and a wheel from an old broken radio like this:


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              Its exactly what i want to do.

              A system like in Audi's new cars. Or like BMW's i-drive
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                I bought the encoder to make a system near i-drive, and it would be perfect to work with netsuo's new feature!

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                Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)