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Serial Xenarc TS in PyCar?

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  • Serial Xenarc TS in PyCar?

    I've been trying to get my serial Xenarc TS to work under PyCar, but with no success

    I use the pycar- ISO file, and have copied all files onto a USB stick to test it out before I attempt a HD install.
    The system boots nicely, but the only way to navigate is with a keyboard, the TS just wont work

    Is it because of the serial interface, is there no serial support in the kernel?
    I'll try to get myself a module for serial support if I have to, but cross-compiling and such is totaly new for me

    If someone have any ideas what I should do, please write a answer here, or email me at bjorne(at)200sx(dot)nu

    Thanks in advance!

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    I did not enable serial support in kernel per se. So it won't work this way. Just send me the serial module for Xenarc and I'll see if it can work.
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