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Auto Gamma / Dimming of screen

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  • Auto Gamma / Dimming of screen

    VOICES currently has a button that enables you to apply / remove the Gamma, providing a brightness control for use at night.

    An automatic system would be a big advantage. There should be two options when applying an automatic switch:

    - By time of day, manually configured for on and off.
    e.g. gammaon=19:00

    - By long and lat value, based on a sunrise and sunset calculation. Code for this can be found at:
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    second method would be best


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      The first one is what other programs use and is manual and should be an option for those who dont have GPS...Remember not everyone ownes a GPS (yet)

      I personally like the second option the best becasue it requires no setup from the user except for initial setup.

      Good work
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        Both the options will be implemented
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          Impressive! I think there should also be an option/voice command for a manual gamma change. I find that it not only depends on where the sun is at, but what i'm doing with the computer. IE. During the day its gloomy and i want it dimmed...i could say: 'computer dim display'
          If its night and I'm watching a movie i may want it brighter so i could say "computer bright display"

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            "Both the options will be implemented "
            Very good! I dont realy like automatics. Every time i will control the system ....



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              is there a way to add a shortcut on the desktop that can do this? like media car kindof has?
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                why not just link it to the headlight/dash light circuit? When you turn on your dash lights, it's typically low light or night time and the ideal time for the screen to dim...


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                  What about a light sensor?

                  Has anyone heard of any USB or otherwise connectable ambient light sensors for use with a notebook?