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  • Installation help

    Good Day List.

    Excellent Program I Want to try it out.

    I have a few questions

    1) is there an installation manual? I have downloaded the SW but when i click on the EXE it just does nothing......

    2) Does voices require any external mapping program to interface with?

    3) can Voices launch an external application? I would like to use it with the PhoneControl software?

    Thanks Ron

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    1.) Sorry - imho no!

    You must extract and copy ALL Files and Directorys in ONE new Directory - thats it!
    -> Read the INI-File! Here you must make any configurations!

    2.) YES - You must have MAPPoint from Microsoft!

    3.) as far as I know, at present not.


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      You can use it with phone control. PC will run in the background and when a call comes in it will move to the front
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        I don`t get it working

        Hi there,

        i am a newbi from germany.

        i don#t get voices working. i have all files in one directory, but there only starts the virtual keybord and i can see coices as programm in the task list (in case of the media version). the navionly-version dosn't even do anything!

        i have mappoint 2001 installed, ist that the problem, do i need a higher version?

        what else can it be?
        OS is win xp sp1.
        Hoping for Help...



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          I've not tested VOICES with Mappoint 2001 so am not sure if this is the issue.

          Have you configured EVERYTHING in the voices.ini? INcluding the mappoint europe part?

          Have you installed the skin?
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            I think i did

            Hi and thx for that fast reaktion!

            I am not sure how to install the skin. The files are there, but should i copy them into the voices dir or a subdir? if so, what do i have to write in the ini at the line "skin="? The path of the skins, or just the name or what?

            What means "home=" in the ini-file? The voices dir-name? like "home=c:\voices" or what?

            But even if i did something wrong, why do i not even get a prozess called voices (using the navi-only version)?
            Maybe you can send me your voices.ini to Sascha(dot)Schmel(at) (i wrote it like that becouse of the spammers!)?
            Or maybe you can send me your voices-dir including subdirs as zip-file, so i could look how to do everything proper! that would be great. don't care of filesize on my side, i have DSL.

            I am really not a rooki on the pc, i am not bad in visualbasic even, but VOICES is killing me :-(

            Thx for your help in award,


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              Ok, the skins have to go in a directory called skins under the voices directory. Each skin has it's own directory under that. The skin= entry in the voices.ini is the directory name of the skin that you wish to use. For example, if your skin is in c:\voices\skins\pink then skin=pink

              The Home= is for your home location (georpahic), street address etc.
              06 Volvo XC90
              Use to have installed MII 10000/512Mb/40GB, Lilliput 7", OPUS 90W, Wifi-G PCMCIA, Head Unit Aux adapter, Delorme GPS, XM PCR, Audigy NX, RR
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                ok, it must be me


                i fixed that thing with the skin directory. sure that the dir is named "skins", not "skin" (another guy told me so).

                what about the pointer, i guess they have an own subdir as well, "pointers", or "pointer"?

                i have now subdirs for skins and pointers. in the pointer subdir there is pointer0.bmp up to pointer 350.bmp.
                in the skins subdir i have another subdir named "metal" which contains the skinfiles.
                in the voices main dir i have the rest.

                and when i start voices i get .....nothing (except the virtualkeyboard)...

                you don't want to send me your voices dir?



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                  Ok, i am a littlebit closer


                  after installing mappoint 2004 i get a process from voices and a little part of the surfac so there is still a problem. all i see from voices is the upper left part of its surface, maybe 100 by 60 pixel. not more. what can that be?

                  but it is proof. mappoint 2001 is not enough for voices!