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State of the Pandora plugin?

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  • State of the Pandora plugin?

    I recently downloaded the Pandora plugin but it does not seem to be working for me. Looking into the problem i installed the omdebug plugin. The debug log had a message saying "Need to upgrade protocol versions." I dug in to the code and quickly realized that PandoraPlayer plugin dll is really a wrapper for another dll (named Pandora.dll). My guess is that this "other" dll needs to be updated I just have not idea where to acquire a new version of this "other" dll.

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    I think Pandora changed their protocol a while ago causing problems for this plugin (I'm not the author of this code so I can not confirm this at all).
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      Since the protocol has changed does anyone know who wrote it? Maybe we can get the whole source code for it? I would be more then happy to help rewrite it.


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        That works for me. When you get time just hit me up on here and we can get started.