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  • Blu-Ray

    Got myself a Blu-Ray drive for my setup. I was able to find software to allow me to play the discs in windows, but from what I've read, OM won't be able to touch it unless Windows Media Player can play it.
    WMP still can only read the label of the disc and none of the contents.

    Does anyone know how to get that working in WMP and if/once it is, will OM automatically work for blu ray just like DVD?


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    As far as I know it should but I don't have a bluray player so I can't confirm it.
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      For starters, you'd need a program like AnyDVDHD to remove the encryption from the disc on the fly. Then, you'd need a source filter that could understand the .mpls playlist format, and pass it on to an H.264 or VC-1 decoder. There are no .mpls source filters that are exposed outside of their original software for OpenMobile to use. The video files themselves are nothing more than .m2ts transport stream files, but the order they are to be played in is stored in the .mpls files. menu navigation certainly wouldn't work. Best option would just be to launch an external BluRay app like TotalMedia Theater 5 using the open mobile external app plugin.
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        I would just rip files to AVI or other format and store them on the local or usb drive. We're allowed backup copies of stuff we own, right? Okay, that may be up for debate, but I find having a library available instead of popping disks in and out of a drive to be much more convenient for my passengers. Drivers won't be watching movies or fiddling with disks/players right?

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