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  • arm cpu install

    it said in the app mart this is arm capable and im curious how to install?

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    I think that the AppMart is an old listing. It was originally spec'd by the original author to run under multiple OSes.

    I'm pretty sure Borte will give more specific information. However, our long range intention is to have OM run on multiple platforms. It currently runs under Windows. ReadheadedRod is the only one experimenting with alternate platforms right now.

    As to how to try it on ARM, I don't know. My best guess right now is with Linux and Wine (but that's just a guess).

    Let's wait and see what Borte has to say.

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      I WILL be experimenting with other environments...

      I am experimenting on getting other environments running on my ARM board right now then I will be attacking building OM for other boards.
      I am trying to get WEC2013 or WEC7 running on my board now but waiting for a response.

      Once I get this running on my arm board I will be trying to build OM for WEC and see how it goes.

      After that I will be hopefully looking at running it under Linux. I sort of expect this to be something that will take me a while before I look at then I will "explode" on it to get it to work. (Aka work hours on end trying to get it to run and get it up and running.)

      I did just see a posting from the maker of my board that there is a linux version with graphic acceleration running on my board now so I will be trying that out this weekend too.

      I am currently in school working on a programming degree so I have very limited time to work on this plus I have other obligations as well which means I get about 8-10 hours a month to play with stuff like this. So don't expect anything from me tomorrow.

      I am HOPING to try getting OM to run under WEC7 & WEC2013 first, then get it running under Linux and lastly under Android. I figure this path will get me from easiest to hardest and hopefully by the time I can get the Android stuff running I will know OM inside and out. (I have run 4.3 Android on my board.)