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    Good afternoon all. I'm in the process of building several car pc's and have been debating the merits of the various Front End applications; I've decided on OpenMobile as my FE of choice, mainly because it's Open Source and I can learn from the code as well as contribute to it. My questions: do they have to be single libraries (dll's in Windows terms) or can the functionality be split into more than one? And can they provide limited functionality to other plugins by the same author, or should they be entirely separate? My OS of choice for the system is going to be Linux, and I will be doing most of my development on that platform.


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    You will be building libraries, yes, however you can basically do what you want with them. If you want a library for your functions and a library for the plugin to use the other library/functions, go right ahead.

    We had some hiccups with Ubuntu in which there might have been a thread for. So, hoping your using some other Linux version for right now at least. Have you looked at any of the code yet or the control demo? Located here is all the committed work so happy browsing. Any troubles just ask!
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      I have several choices in distributions, so the issues with Ubuntu won't bother me; I'm probably going to be using CentOS 5.8 for the several of the systems. Thanks for the response, and I'll keep the folks here informed of my progress, and ask any questions that come up.