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  • Shotgun!

    Shotgun basically incorporates all of the features I wanted into a very slim front end.

    • MP3, OGG, WMA, etc.
    • AVI, WMV, MPG, etc.
    • Song/File Search Via OSK
    • Navigation Via Iguidance
    • XM Radio Support
    • Full Internet Support with OSK
    • AVS support
    • Application Embedding
    • Keyboard hotkeys
    • More that I'm probably forgetting
    • Windows XP/Vista
    • .NET 2.0
    • WMP 11

    Special Notes:
    • Copy shotgun.ttf into your windows fonts folder
    • There are a few hidden options which have not been tested.
    • A configeratorrator will come soon.

    • Sirius Radio Support


    Couple hidden things, clicking the time on any screen will minimize the application and unhide the taskbar. Click and hold the * under web will add the current site to favorites.

    Here's a few teaser pics of the Shotgun interface:
    Audio Screen:

    Main Screen:

    Nav Screen:

    Application Embed

    File Loader
    Shotgun! - An Advanced CarPC Software Solution!

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    this is exactly what im looking subscribed...and do you need a beta tester? it might be a while before i get all my stuff back in, but ill help you locate any bugs...

    edit: show a movie screenshot if you would be nice to get WMP or PowerDVD as an embeded app full screen using the controls of that program. that would be nice...
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      Couple in car photos:

      I can prepare a beta version for those interested, PM me for details.
      Shotgun! - An Advanced CarPC Software Solution!


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        Looking good. Do you have plans to make the Video and DVD play on a 2nd monitor? Thanks


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          Possible, but I don't have the hardware right now to test it.
          Shotgun! - An Advanced CarPC Software Solution!


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            It would be great to have. In most areas it is against the law to drive and have a viewable video playing. If the video plays on a 2nd monitor in the back of the car then all is good. I have the hardware for this, both on my desk and in the car. I would be glad to test anything you would like, but I understand that testing it in your own system would be better. Thanks


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              VERY nice OEM lookin'

              Just installed (ran the exe) but nothing is working. I get the menu screen but the clock don't have hands. Clicking the music button takes me to the music screen but there are no music tracks/folders. Video don't play either and it didn't detect iguidance (IG is installed in the default path).

              I didn't see a readme; does it have to be setup in any particular way?

              EDIT: IT'S WORKING! Somewhat!

              It's loading the wrong album art for some reason; most my songs are single tracks with the album art embeded in the ID3 tag.
              I though that was a clock on the main screen but i'm now getting what's shown in the screen shot above.
              It's still not detecting IG.
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                any updates on this??


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                  Looking good. It would be great to have
                  looking for dvd to iphone converter