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  • New Frontend Project (inucar ..)

    Been working on this project for the last few weeks. It is VERY simple and still in the early stages. I mainly developed it for myself (C# .net 2.0), but I figured I would share it to see if it sparks any interest... It does what I need it to do right now: play songs, lets me navigate easily between artists/albums.

    It requires winamp, without winamp, it just won't do anything. It expects winamp to be in the default location "c:\program files\winamp" or it won't work. It's not that smart yet

    The library works off an access MDB file, there is an options\refresh database to load music.

    I tried to make it totally intractable- the list can be scrolled by clicking and dragging and you can "throw it" if you have a fast computer/touchscreen. (iphone stole my idea! ) Dragging your finger back or forward across the list will be the same as hitting "back/forward" in a browser.

    I'll be incorporating new stuff (GPS, Videos, Directory crawling, bluetooth, DVD, etc) as time goes on, esp if people think its interesting enough for me to really continue...


    Download (1mb):