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New Frontend Project (NewDirection) (56k beware)

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  • New Frontend Project (NewDirection) (56k beware)

    OK guys, Im nervous about this but here goes.

    Download Location: Coming Soon.

    System requirements:
    Windows 2000 or greater
    Adobe Flash 9 Player
    Microsoft VB Runtime SP6
    Celeron 1.0GHz or better
    Windows Media Player 9 or better

    Program Features:
    Audio Formats Supported: MP3,WMA,AC3
    Video Formats Supported: WMA,MOV,AVI,MKV
    Fully skin-able frontend.
    In-program customizable skin highlight system
    Windowed or Full-screen VIS support
    Native iGuidance v3.0 Support with Skin support
    Icon based media browser
    Multiple letter song Title Search with OSK
    Shuffle/Repeat Play modes
    Icon based XM Radio Support with QuickSet favorites
    SiLabs FM Radio control with QuickSet favorites
    QuickCreate play list management
    Multiple Drive Letter / USB Drive support
    Attenuation / Mute button
    AutoDim screen gamma control (fixed time currently, soon will convert to GPS info)

    Main Browser:

    File Browser:

    Mp3 Player:

    iGuidance Support(with titlebar) **UpdatedPicture

    iGuidance Support(with control panel) **UpdatedPicturePicture

    OSK Used for Jump Ahead and Playlist naming **New Picture

    Access your mixer control from any module **New Picture

    Well there it is. There is more, but I dont want to show you everything untill I finish (I'm pretty close) (hint:Blackberry . . . )
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    Well I'm waiting for this one. Looks perfect for what I'm wanting. Hurry up man!!!


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      My4Runner thansk for the reply.
      I am just working on some of the playlist editing tools then I'll release it. (Play whole CD,Enque CD and play, Enque CD and add more, etc.) Getting really close to a release. If I had to guess a date it would be mid Aug.
      06 Galaxy Gray Si #0308
      CarPc Progress -


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        need more video supported files


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          Subscribing..looks great.
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            Looks good. I'll keep an eye on it! Maybe Sirus support?


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              The file browser looks like it could take a while to scroll through lots of albums.. maybe have a search or jump to letter button ?
              Also not sure about the album art behind the track list - could make things really hard to see.
              Other than that it looks pretty damn nice mate, keep up the good work!!


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                sparkyssb - Yes, I currently have XM radio support and I do plan to add Sirrus very soon (as soon as I can scrape up 120.00 for the hardware)

                swift_gti - I've updated the first post with the pic of the OSK. Early-on someone said that they have over 600 folders on their CarPC, so that was a design goal for me, to make it easy to use with large collections. The buttons use a increasing speeds the longer they are pressed. You can also use the OSK to jump to Alpha search or the index number of the album. (No ID3 genre sort yet) If the Album art is bright then, ya it can wash out the text, thats why I added the highlight bar to kinda darken up behind the currently playing song.

                Everyone else - Thank you for your kind words, sorry this is taken so long. I've been working really hard on the file browser and media player code, and I think I got it just about worked out. I also made some changes to the GPS and full screen VIS/DVD player.(Pics Updated in first post)

                My todo list is getting pretty short, so lets hope you can test it for me soon. The phone control I've tested with a blackberry 9100, Cingular 8525, Erickson w810i and a Moto sliver. Good news is that I can dial and answer from all of them but the program still needs a lot of work, so I think that I'll release the main program at first and leave the phone control for an update.

                I'll update soon.

                06 Galaxy Gray Si #0308
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                  Hmm, reminds me of a blend of Audi's MMI with BMW's iDrive -- very clean and sporting a functional layout to boot, I like it!
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                    I like the looks of it... Any pics of the audio mixer?
                    Play with it, 'til it's broke.


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                      i like it...
                      looking forward to try it out


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                        Originally posted by thekl0wn View Post
                        I like the looks of it... Any pics of the audio mixer?
                        Whoa wait an audio mixer? Im in keep me posted!
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                            subscribed. nice work so far.


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                              Things are still moving forward here. I've added support for the DEI HD radio, the Fushion Brain, and iPod iTunes database lookup. The only realy issue that is still left is Hibernation support. I am almost there, the little Intel D201GLY mobo is causing me some issues, but I guess that its better I feel the pain then all of you do.

                              PM me if you would like to be an early beta tester, I would like to get some feed back without all the hassles of an full release.

                              06 Galaxy Gray Si #0308
                              CarPc Progress -