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My Frontend... what u think?

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  • My Frontend... what u think?

    Hi all... this is my first personal attemp to build a frontend.
    Here some screenies, only of the multimedia section and the menu...

    It is now at the 20% (i think)

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    beatifull...I'm making someting like you ? are you italian ?


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      Thanks, Farolfo... Yes, i'm italian (too? ).
      I'm tryin to make it look exactly like FrontRow, plus the ability to change background image and font colors. I think that flexible frontends are good, like RoadRunner and many others, but the advantage of a closed architecture is that the frontend'll be more stable and'll require less resources. I'll post some screens sooner.


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        what language use for this frontend ? I've build a simple app for mac and windows with blitzmax that emulate frontrow, now I'm tring port it to vb6 because I've problem to manage other active app with Blitzmax. I post a video, it's not very good quality, but I've made it with the cellphone. If you want share info with italian people there is a good site on
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          Well, the front end is in VB6, as it needs to run on slower machines too (and previous tries with .NET was not encouraging me), but the main menu is made in flash and is changeable, if it supports the fscommand out of the flash movie box. However, your app is really interesting but... maybe we can unify this in one project . Lemme know. C u soon!


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            Ok, We can join project or share info, but my project is opensource, you ca see how is now on If you have msn you can contact me by [email protected]


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              Hum... just changed the way the front end play media files... now media module is based on VideoLAN, so it'll be able to play .mov, .mp4, .ogg and many other formats too . It is a little more stable and memory optimized too (on my machine it takes at max 14 mb when playing mp3 or watching pictures, from 20 to 60 mb when playing divx and about 80 mb with freedrive and mp3 playing in background). I'm also changing the way the menu is (previously was a 3d circular flash menu, now it's added a flash menu similar to the way iTunes displays cover albums). Sooner new screens!!!