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cAVeLive English repack + new custom skin

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  • cAVeLive English repack + new custom skin

    Hey all modified the skin and repacked all the German to English, let me know what you think.

    In the Skin Dir The original skin is zipped, if you like the original just unzip it over top of the one I made.

    The Keyboard and Menu is Corrected and the fonts have been reworked.

    I plan on redoing all the little buttons to make them look a bit cleaner but this is all for today.

    Great frontend BTW;8362934;;/

    PS feel free to host it I have no more room so filefront it is... sorry

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    Updated Skins:

    Updated the Default and My new skin with bigger buttons for easy touchscreen press. I also included 2 default blank buttons for anyone who wants to use these for whatever.

    NOTE the font size in the screen shots is in Large DPI and should line up fine in XP

    My Claymore anime based skin:

    Default Remake Screen:

    Download Link (once again file front sorry I have no free web space):


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      New updated Red Skin enjoy

      If you have a backround or concept for caVELIve and want me to skin it feel free to let me know and I can work something up for you!!!
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        I've just installed it on my work pc and I love the feel of this front end.
        Support for the silabs usb radio would be sweet though!

        Also is there a way to change the text that flashes up when it is first loading? At the moment it is still in German...
        I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.


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          I'll look into it, its not part of the skin Ini but maybe


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            I want to give it a try, liked the ss, but I canīt get to download it from that site, itīs not working for me. Can you check if itīs working or upload it in another place?



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              its working here, pm me ur email and i'll e-mail it to you


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                I'm having an issue with the media player. For some reason I cannot see any of the files on the directories. I have checkep the setup and it is showing mp3 as the correct extension. I had a quick look on the german forum, however there was nothing in the english section that I could find.
                I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.


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                  Do you get a black screen with The folder icons still showing up but no text?

                  There is a Text high limit while listing files so if your running 120 DPI you need to change settings. Totally forgot to add that... try going back to 96 dpi and see if u can see ur files now


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                    I'm an idiot. I installed it on my work computer and was using teh sample music on the system. They are ofcourse wma and not mp3. After adding the wma extension in the setup it's working perfectly

                    I'm really liking this front end. I'd like an embedded navigation engine though...
                    I installed my carpc into my pet Kangaroo, mate.


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                      I use Iguidance with it and as much as its not embedded it works pretty closely to being so. It even adjusts the menu and mute buttons above the cave bar if u set the cavebar to the bottom, if not it hides the File option ect.

                      Embedded gps will probably come with 2.0