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cAVe Live V2.0 Release !

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  • cAVe Live V2.0 Release !

    Our Release V2.0 is online with new skin. cAVe Live V2.0

    Not all wishes could be done within the few time. For the next year we pause a little time and you can do your feedback in our forum with bugs,wishes and so on.

    In the betweentime we make a pictured manual.

    We wish all merry christmas !

    Our cAVe-Team

  • #2
    Great! I have been looking forward to this release as my second install will hopefully soon be finished

    Merry xmas and many thanks to all the Cave Team!


    • #3
      wow... I am speechless...

      Visual A+
      Performance A+ fast... i like it..
      Ease of Use A+
      Functionality B ^^

      Overall..... Outstanding work dude... keep it up!!!


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        Hey bluescreen,
        Ur front-end works flawlessly. REally love the visual aspect of it. And it runs fast... This is not flash, is it? Would it be possible for you to make a skin for IG4 GPS and embed it into this front-end?

        Again, What a piece of work, u've done here...