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    Here is my new front end that i made in vb .net. Its pretty simple..not to overly complex. I'm not sure if anyone else will like it but it works very well for me and i like (well of course i do i made it). I am also including the source code for those of you who can program and would like to make some changes yourself. I am very open to feedback, comments, complaints, any bugs you find. I would very much like to make this a nice front end that everyone could like and use. But to do that i need some help. Please help me?

    To set it up is fairly simple just copy the front end folder to somewhere on your hard drive. You must have winamp installed for the music. Then run the executable and play around should not be to hard to figure out how to work it, thats kinda the idea is to be simple so anyone can do it. If you want to change buttons and the logo in the middle or the background that can be done in the skins folder.

    Its not the greatest program i know but hey its my first release and with your help (and a little bit of luck) it will be a good front end some day. O and yah i dont have a name for it yet...i working on that too.

    Added a few things check out the change log. Create a readme file to help you guys out.
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    Here is some screen shots
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      awesome mate, love it.
      just getting started myself and know how its tough when just starting.
      keep at it, top effort =D


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        Got an error when trying to run the solution:
        Unable to find manifest signing certificate in the certificate store.

        To solve it, go to the "Signing" tab of the project properties and unchecked "Sign the ClickOnce manifests" option.