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  • Omnidash

    I'm in the middle stages of coding my new frontend.

    Windows-based, written in VB. iTunes is the default media player. The entire interface is skinnable and scriptable because it uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to render the UI. If you can design for the web, you can make a skin.

    It uses custom pseudo-protocols to interact with the various features of Omnidash. For instance, a link pointing to carpc://display/music/ would switch to the music screen.

    And through the magic of CSS, different variations of the same skin can be coded in mere minutes.

    Using JavaScript, you can have the interface behave however you want. Give album art the Apple reflection, use mootools to make content slide to the other side of the screen -- Omnidash doesn't strip any HTML or JavaScript, so it's fully customizable.

    Omnidash has a plugin architecture as well, since I'm writing the app primarily for myself, it obviously won't do EVERYTHING out of the box, but Plugins will be super easy to develop. Don't like iTunes? Write a WinAmp plugin. Wanna add XM functions? Plugin.

    Screenshots should be coming soon once I put some finishing touches on the UI.

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    Sounds cool.


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      Any updates?

      The more I think about this idea (HTML/css/javascript for skinning, browser for navigation), the better it sounds.


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        It's coming along. The innards of the software is basically done. Just in the process of creating the interface. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more done soon.