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  • Anyone interested in this frontend

    After getting started in the carputer world and trying out different front ends I was unable to find a front end that worked well for my applications. I liked RoadRunner the best but it tended to be extremely slow for me, and after looking at the code I now know why. As a result I have created my own front end and am wondering if anybody else is interested in it? It is completely module based, meaning there is no wasted time processing information for features you may not use (GPS, Video Player, etc...). It is completely skin compatible with RR skins. So you can use any existing RR skin with it. I am about 80% complete with it right now. If anybody is interested in trying it out let me know....also ideas are welcome. I just looked at the post on the main menu skin independent feature and will probably be integrating that idea soon as well. The main goal is to have a completely module flexible front end that is event driven and doesn't spend any time doing unnecessary work.

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    just bought a new motherboard, so i'm looking for a lighter front end - i want something i can customize to do what i posted in another post....

    but even if i cant do that yet, i'm willing to help test it out!


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      I'm just getting started with my Car PC so I'm not set on a front end. I like RR and centrafuse, but I would be willing to try it out.