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  • Star 2 Mobile Interface

    Hello all,

    Here are some screenshots of a front end I am working on as of late. It is in it's very early stages and I am trying to base it around "ease of use" and "minimum driver distraction". It has been created in good old Visual Basic 6 ( I hate .NET do not need my code managed ). The graphics were created by me using another piece of good old software Paint Shop Pro 9. I have spent some length on implementing the following features.

    * Volume control from the front end...
    * Shortcuts to essential stock Windows applications (control panel etc.)...
    * Hibernating, restarting and shutting down the system from the front end...
    * State memorization when system is shutting down, restarting and or resuming...
    * State restoration when system powering up and or resuming...
    * High contrast but stylish graphics...
    * Application embedding and management...
    * Native WiFi scanning and detection...
    * Microsoft Streets and Trips integration...
    * Interface locking...
    * Media organization, filtering and ease of access...

    Their are more but I can not think of them off the top of my head...

    Here are some screenshots, be nice I never said I was a pro, LOL...
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    Chnged splash screen a tad...

    I just changed the splash screen a tad. Here is a screenshot...
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      Comments, suggestions and or concerns ???


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        your pictures aren't working so it is hard to give an opinion.
        Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


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          Originally posted by meddler View Post
          your pictures aren't working so it is hard to give an opinion.
          Figures, I can see them here fine but no one else can! Any ideas, the site reported successfull upload when I created the original post.


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            pictures showing up here.


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              Server issue...


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                anything new? Let me know when you are ready for a subforum.
                Suggestions or Comments on the forums? Post here.

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                  Originally posted by Heather View Post
                  anything new? Let me know when you are ready for a subforum.
                  I will update you guys as soon as possible. When I started to write about this interface I was on a leave from work. I went back a few weeks ago and we are SLAMMED. 6 and 7 days so all I really have to for now is sleep. I have made several updates since. I am just trying to streamline the code and make the UI more streamline.

                  Thank You for Your Intrest!