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Digital Dash 5.0 has officially gone open source

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  • Digital Dash 5.0 has officially gone open source

    Let me start by saying, I am simply relaying a message from Shawn Gusz. I had made and inquiry about DD5 and he has very generously volunteered all his hard work for our community. so here it is in all it's splendor... free of charge.

    Hello MP3Car Users,

    I have had a few emails over the last couple of weeks, as well as intermittently over the last couple of years asking about Digital Dash 5.0, to get a copy of the serial number or source code or whatever. I thought this was all lost, but I managed to find a backup of it on a CD. So, seeing as its relatively old software, but to my surprise still has a small cult following, I figured I would zip all I have up and put it out on the web for free. I am no longer in the business of car computers, so I donít really have interest in making any money by this re-release, and likewise, I donít have time to field questions about the software, technical problems or code issues, so if you run into something, donít ask me, I havenít touched the software for at least 3 or 4 years!

    With that said, I have zipped up not only the distributable file of Digital Dash, but also the AMS6 source project files for Digital Dash, both the software, and the installer. It should make sense which is which once you download the zip file. The software no longer needs a license key, its permanently unlocked. So feel free to tinker with the design and the code, consider the software officially open source. The program I originally used to design the software was called Autoplay Media Studio 6.0. Im sure they are likely up to version 8 by now. Also, you may need to get some AMS plugins if you want to start modifying the code and open the project files, I know you will definitely need the LuaCom plugin, contact IndigoRose for help with this, not me!

    I hope by re-releasing this software this will ensure everyone will get a cool front-end that they can use with their car pcís, as I said, I have moved onto bigger and better things, but its glad to see the demand for this software that I spent years working on (off and on), is still there.

    The zip file is currently located here:

    At some point in the future, it may not be there, so if it isnít, donít contact me, post a message on MP3Car and see if anyone has a copy of it!


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    Ok, so I know this is an older front end, BUT.. I have personally tried almost everything that is compatible with my hardware and so far this has been the most problem free front end software that I have tested.

    Not really all that feature packed but he did include all the source codes and all his work so if anyone is knowledgeable enough with that language then anything is possible.


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      There appears to be no code in the source code archive. It looks more like the staging before the installer is built. What language is DD written in?