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  • Fron-end based on desktop

    Here is a little project i'm working on, i might relase when will be time what i really a start so don't expect anything "just done and ready to work" what work right now is:
    Navigation: work
    Music/Video player: work, music also with visualization
    Flash Games: run but need an idea how to make them run fullscreen
    Double volume control: Music (using winamp] and main volume level so you can have music lover than for example games or nav..etc..

    This system is made by an empty desktop with a dreamscene loaded as background, plus one main dock and other sub objects [for example the player is made full of objects, it isn't an application]

    Here is a video about what i've make [i'm not sure to end this because of time...i have just time for make my carpc i can't handle this one too so i will relase the way how to make it]

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    Very cool idea! I like it!
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      The applications used are DesktopX and ObjectDock Plus, i'm going to unload ObjectDock Plus i will only use DX [desktopx], my opinion is that with this application you can do a lot of things have much more possibility than RideRunner so you can add anything there are controls for ActiveX, VB, [flash?], and external scripts. You should take a look on their wiki ->
      An help would be apreciated for who would like to improve this new way of i removed ObjectDock Plus wifi plugin and i have scripted my one so you will only see the icon when Wifi is connected, there will be 10images, 1 for level [including off status that is a trasparent image], next step will be bluetooth icon status [visible = on, invisibile=off] then i will start with control of both wi-fi and bluetooth [i will try make a plugin for make them on/off]


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        A little preview..


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          Looks messy or cluttered...

          Try RevFE
          The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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            well is still in beta im not looking good on skin right now, all the time is on coding i just did some icon in photoshop ispired by psp / ps3 theme [my idea started with that layer type]
            btw the one you see in last photo is the music window not finished [can browse on every directory, ofcourse i'm base on my carpc setup so i have 4 usb ports for external device a memory reader and obviously a dvd reader and hd.
            The player is nearly finish there is everithng from the loading of 5 custom playlist with editing to visualizations with title and time, so the next step will be removing nearly totally Object Desktop remaking the menu [the one i show you was PSP style] and make it 4 big icons or 6 icons with possibility of change page.
            Right now i have clear object desktop with bluetooth and wi-fi status icons, need to clear the main menu with submenu and master sound bar.
            The most hard part will be embeding applications like radio / phone control / wi-fi connection manager in a new style window like the Media browser i made.


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              this is the last update i do before finish it [when i finish the project i will write the last post].
              I don't think there is so much interest in this treath so i will post this last update just for give a preview of menu icons etc, right now the music player is perfectly working load imediately all my songs [about 4k and, 30gb] no delay, since the last update there are new changes:
              - object dock totally removed
              - battery, wi-fi, bluetooth status icons [for wi-fi and bluetooth i just scripted also a command for disable / able them]
              - new master status bar, with touch control [can also be muted pressing on the speaker icon]
              - added in player bar the "Playlist" button and when pressed a popup will show up making all bheind faded black, in this popup there are the songs currently played [if there is a playlist, else there will be only one track listed]
              - support with igo latest version 100% i'm also making a embed skin for let igo8 run between the bars [title and player bars]
              - scripted the possibility to change the animated background with any dreamscene but the interface will remain [afterall only the carbon one since in main menu there are transparent buttons.

              Next works will be focused in creation of the video's and other pages, the video's one will be like the music's but:
              - video list on left, info video on right
              - when open a video will be istant fullscreen and can back to the main menu only by pressing "STOP", ofcourse there will be fullscreen commands ill try to make it the most touch friendly possibile.

              That's all...we'll se when the project is end enjoy the pic:
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                I'm liking it!
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                  Some little news about the project

                  Click image for larger version

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                  Click image for larger version

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                  Click image for larger version

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