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  • Yet Another Carputer Software

    YACS is a multimedia player trying to be usefull for CarPC users.
    For more detailed info read the Online Help

    Why did i make it ?
    I needed a frontend that can play audio/video only.All the other stuff are useless for me in the car. I also wanted to be beautifull and light.

    Why download ?
    1) For testing purposes
    2) You have spare Bandwidth
    3) For the new cool features it has to offer.
    (by the way, i still use FP,RR in some cases ,great work guys)

    Something different ?
    1) Macromedia Flash GUI
    2) SQLite database
    3) FMODex sound engine (i have only seen one more project using it. Why ? Get away from WINAMP/WMP fast ! )
    --Real time Digital Signal Proccessing (10 fully configurable band equalizer, can apply more than one the same time)
    --5.1 speaker setup support (not from windows) and real time reposition of the sound using a nice swf
    4) Windows Media Player 10

    The source code will be released soon (i need to comment it up a little) but i can immediately send specific parts of the code to any developher. It will be my pleasure.

    I hope that (at least) one of you good people will make a GUI for this program since the GUI provided is simple a test GUI designed by me (and is ugly, i know).Help me use my program to my car

    Setup File
    Online Help
    Please read the help before installing.
    Before you run YACS you MUST have installed:
    Windows Media Player 10 (although later you can choose not to use it)
    Macromedia Flash Player 8 (the skin the installer has is compiled with Flash8). In order to install flash for the program you must use Internet Explorer to install it from this page

    Oh, by the XML/txt/ini in this project...everything is saved in the database.

    Need to be done:
    EOBD support
    Design better GUI for the options and sync screens (all the other skins are flash movies).

    Wanna make a skin ?
    Flash7: Read the help pages. I think i have wrote almost everything.
    Flash8: Read the help pages to learn the logic. You need to wait for me to write the "callback" explanation or contact me (please do).
    In both cases feel free to contact me through pm (write me an e-mail if you want) and ask for explanations. It is rather difficult to understand the communication i use but i hope i did my best to explain it.
    Also you can open the fla files provided in the installer.

    Beta testing:
    Feel free to ask my MSN email for more immediate communication.

    A great thanks to those who will make gui/test or even read this post

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    More screenshots for potential users would be nice...

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    Originally posted by xdjxklusivex
    i think every thread is now a whoreing thread


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      I don't think that my GUI can show off the perfection of flash but let's try

      First, thre screenshots of the playing screen at the same song, without changing skin or something. Simply by clicking a button on the movie you can change the whole view of the program.
      With a single flash (swf) you can have as many "looks" as you like. One with album art, one with visual, one with both, one with none, one for video (larger visual window), one with different colors for night, etc...
      If you keep all the graphics in vectors (no bitmaps,jpegs) then you will end up with 10 GUIs and a filesize below 30KB.
      This demo skin has 3 views (i think the one in the installer is little older) and the screenshots are with FMOD sound engine.
      (Size of this swf: 18,4KB !!!)
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        Now, three screenshots form the browser.
        Again with a simple click (button "Mode" here) you can change the way your browser looks. Of course all the positions/fonts/... can be changed dynamicaly (if the flash sends the appropiate command).
        The last screenshot is from the options screen which you can control the 3D position of the sound (again with a flash movie that you can change).
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          And last, the minimal screen of the program. Stays always on top , it can be dynamically resized/repositioned by the skinner (from inside the flash movie). The user can also drag 'n' drop it (or reposition depends on the skinner) if the GUI has a button that allows it.
          In this particular skin i have made , you can resize the screen in two sizes (two screenshots). You can also drag and drop each of them to any place (inside of your screen) you like.
          Of cource, while you do that , program keeps...walking
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            Right then Jous!

            I am willing to test it for you matey!

            I am new to the carputer scene, my last one never left the bedroom, but now...

            Call me daft, but where would I find a link to down load it!

            And If I get any time, will try to make a skin, enven though my drawing skills are a bit...




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              OK done bing daft - have re-read the post and found the link!

              True case of RTFS


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                I cant Get it to boot up - Once I click on the YACS icon, it goes to the "Send Error report!

                I have clicked on tetails, and it says that the problem lies within Flash.ocx.


                I have reinstalled Flash, and then Yacks again, but with no luck mate!

                Let me know when you want me to try again!

                Will keep going when I think of things, but i'm no programmer!



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                  Probably is a problem with your flash installation.
                  You have pm

                  Since others might have this problem:

                  Please install flash8 using Internet Explorer and not Firefox/Mozilla.
                  The activex must be installed this way for it to work with the program (and all the programs using flash embeded).

                  Sorry for that...i know how you feel...


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                    Looks like its coming along well.. good idea to use flash.. quick development of skins

                    also, i like that you went with FMod, like my project, its very cool
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                      FMOD rules
                      And i only seen you working with it. You can do a lot more stuff than me with C# with it, so i'll be waiting for innovating implementation
                      As for the flash, i am currently writing a whitepaper so everyone can use it as it's GUI. I think it's the best way. A skin that was 10MB with psd/jpegs can be done with a 30kb flash movie.
                      An example of the lloydy's skin implementation can be found here. Many thanks to lloydy's for the source fla's and the license

                      Soon i will upload the final lloydy's skin and screenshots because my blue skin sucks


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                        Yea i think the potential complexity of the FMod API scares alot of people away if they're not used to that level of coding, pity really, as it can do so much. I have some cool ideas in store for it once i get the core implementation down, much to do with the 6 chan setup im doing, so i'll be able to throw sounds out to individual speakers and tweak bass/treble levels per speaker, adjust timings to help the soundstage etc. FMod makes anything possible

                        I agree that flash is a good way to go, 30kb skin is definately nice, and you have so much more control of how the interface works with animations, popups etc. I went the "old fashioned" way of XML defined skin using plain images, just varying it a bit with arbitrary polygon-based buttons.

                        Should be good once you get a nice skin on it I'll look forward to the updates.
                        VY Commodore S Pack HotHouse Green

                        SP 13000, Precision Response Audio, Stealth Install.

                        Progress: 60%
                        Hardware Bought, Install Time.

                        My Worklog

                        Mobilus - My Frontend, 55% done
                        V0.7.1 Now Released


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                          Thanks to lloydy i finaly got a decent skin (still need some touches though).

                          Two screenshots when playing

                          For a full set of screenshots click here

                          The setup.exe link in the first post includes the new setup file. In case you had an older version installed please uninstall first (and delete any remaining file).
                          The program is not so light when playing (it takes 40% in a MII-12000) simply because of the 5.1 support (7.1 really) and 10-band equalizer. I might make an option that disables 3D/EQ for those who don't have such needs.


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                            Looking good JouS

                            one question, what have you got the bandwidth of the eq bars set at in fmod? i've been playing around with mine, but have found that they have been overlapping somewhat..
                            VY Commodore S Pack HotHouse Green

                            SP 13000, Precision Response Audio, Stealth Install.

                            Progress: 60%
                            Hardware Bought, Install Time.

                            My Worklog

                            Mobilus - My Frontend, 55% done
                            V0.7.1 Now Released


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                              In the program the 10 bands are fully configurable by the user (from the database explorer). So up to now i haven't really given much thought of the default EQ setup that comes with the program (i might do that).

                              The problem i have is that the sliders are now "linear" and so the range the user will need most (0 to 2db) is close to the center of the slider (FMOD allows up to 9.54db - 3 times louder). I want to make the sliders function non-linear for the ease of use in the car (i hate to do micro adjustments).

                              [programming mode]
                              The proper bandwidth -in my opinion- does not exist . You have to realise the meaning of an octave because in low MHz one octave is little MHz and in high frequency, is more.
                              one octave up is double the frequency.One octave down is half the frequency.So for each "band" set you want to make the octave might be different.

                              Anyway, since all these are too developish ( ) we can talk over pm or MSN whenever you want.
                              [/programming mode]