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  • Elemental

    Alright -- I've lurked on this board for quite some time and gotten lots of ideas and help in building my car pc. But I decided that none of the software out there suited all my needs (mostly on the mp3 playback side). So here's my own package.

    Its a VB6 app that runs with a MySQL backend and RealOne player as the mp3 playback plugin. My basis for the mp3 playback was to have similar functionality of Winamps Media Library, but easy to use and browse for a small touchscreen.

    Here's some screens:

    Here's the requirements:
    • Windows XP (only OS I've tried it on)
    • 800 mhz processor ( 1.5 Ghz or better for divx playback )
    • 256 mb of ram or more
    • *** Screen size of 800x600 only ***
    • MySQL Database Server
    • RealOne Player ( application uses real object for playback )

    And here's the files you'll need for the application itself:
    Extract the zip right to the root of c:\
    (the app is VERY early in development and everything is hard coded right now)

    Some notes:
    • To add songs to your media library, use the 'Manage' button and point to your media directory (the app might not recognize ID3v2 tags - I'm lazy, haven't updated that part yet)
    • The album image is taken from the first .jpg the app finds in the path of the mp3 its playing
    • Read the install text file included - paths and database names and account names need to be exact for this to work right now
    • The Navigation link is hardcoded to my iNav exe and won't work for ya (sorry) -- create an external app link instead to launch your nav (at least until I put some effort into this thing
    • The 'Watch' fuctionality is VERY rudimentary right now (I'm runnin this on an 800 mhz machine that won't play back divx so I didn't bother finishing it yet, but it should work if you point it to your video directory.

    There are many bugs I know of:
    • Cannot find image error on song change (happens randomly)
    • In 'Song Search' - Replace Selected and Add Selected work poorly
    • App bugs out sometimes when 'Removing missing media from database'

    Anyhow -- this works great for me so I thought I'd share. I've got no timeline on updates or bugfixes, but I'm sure I'll get to it eventually. Enjoy, and please be kind -