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New Front End in the works, looking for feedback

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  • New Front End in the works, looking for feedback

    Hi guys, i just wanted to tell you guys to keep your eyes open for a new front end that myself and some guys i work with are working on. Calling it RoadWarrior. We are starting from the ground up with a VERY powerful skinning engine including skin editor and a plugin framework. Still deciding on a GPS package to use. But will support all the usual stuff, music vids and pics, TV, OTA and Sat radio. Hopefuly round one will include a ODB-II interface, web browser, blah blah blah.
    I want to know what features that you guys would like to see in a new front end. Stuff thats not out there, or just drill home the important stuff I want this to be created with a lot of feedback from the community so its something that would be useful to everyone. Also, anyone that wants to help with the project, just drop me a PM.

    Tell me anything thats ever made you say, "that would be cool in my carPC..."

    The new system is all based on 2.0 of the .NET framework, with some ties into WMP and DirectX.

    Anyway, I am hoping to have a website up for the project in the next week or so, but seeing as how everyone working on this project have full time jobs dont hold me to that.
    Thanks for the time guys.


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    Goodluck in your project ......... I have always like CentraFuse, so anything like that ... or better is always a good thing !
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      How about a stand alone address book