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  • IVehcs front end beta

    For your perusal, the first IVehcs beta release to anyone.
    Currently running in two cars...
    Is multi-language compatable, and designed for touch screens.
    Really easy to use without looking whilst driving... with large capture areas for the buttons.
    Easy to make skins.
    You'll need a minimum of WinXP and MediaPlayer10...


    Bugs I'm aware of:
    Volume retard on power events doesn't work properly...


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      It was pleasant to me, but I do not understand, this everything, what it can?
      Only video and music? Or it is necessary to wait when there will be other components? I Hope at the project there will be a good future!
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        It will get extra functionality as time goes by...
        e.g. Mame(not far off at all), Digital CD Audio, Radio, TV, DVD, Camera

        I just want people to make sure it works at the moment.

        Thanks for trying it!


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          What language is it written in?
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            It's written in Delphi.
            Could have used c++, but I like delphi's short compile times.

            Most of the work really turns out to be in design.


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              just downloaded your program and everything runs flawless. sweet program. any updates on the project?
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                Originally posted by MadDash
                just downloaded your program and everything runs flawless. sweet program. any updates on the project?
                Awesome, thanks for that. I actually sold my car, and since I got so little feedback on it, I figured no one was interested in it.

                But if I have say five people running it in their cars, I'd consider continuing on.

                It just occurred to me recently that the equalizer won't work even if you install dc-dsp filter, unless you add an equalizer, 3d sound and dynamic amp to it's default list.

                So anyone else interested?


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                  Some points I'd be interested in comments on ...

                  1/ I've worked hard to make the layout as useable as possible with a touch screen without looking. e.g. No scroll buttons, scrolling is done by clicking above or below the current selection.

                  2/ I made a reasonable effort to make it work in unicode. For those of you who spaka the funny languages feedback on that would be appreciated.

                  3/ I currently have a setup on my old car that drives a relay on startup via the parallel port to turn the amp on on off. Would people be interested in having this integrated into the program?


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                    I just came across this thread, and I do like you frontend. The main reason for my carputer is music. Moving to St. Croix so no real need for GPS. I don't know if I came across a bug or not, but when in the BROWSE section, I try using the UP/DOWN buttons on the lower left hand side and nothing scrolls but if I touch toward the top of the list it does scroll. I jsut might not understand the use of the folder buttons. Other than that it works really well for touch monitors.

                    As for the use of unicode, can't really give any feedback on that one. I used to program, but wasn't for me.

                    I use a Startup/Shutdown controller which has a remote turn on. But what i have seen is people use the PC to control other things thru software and their parallel port. So I would believe there would be interest in the ability, for more than just Amp Remote Turn ON.


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                      Ah yes, the folder buttons actually change to the next sibling folder of the current folder. It was a request from a friend of mine. So if you're browsing the tracks of a folder(cd), you can browse the next one without leaving the dir and drilling back down.