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  • CarMM Beta 2.0

    Evolution or Revolution????

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    im sorry if this has been answered but i cant find it on the site does it support all the protocalls iso pwm etc? and what is a good scanner to get to work with your software
    its looking amazing
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    Draw- SkribblePad for Touchscreens

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      Yes if your obd device is supporting these protocolls


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        Problem MDAC

        When I start the frontend up, it says please verify Microsoft Data Access Componets 2.1 or later have been properly installed .

        I checked that I am running the newest version 2.8 SP1.

        Can you shed any light on this?



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          ??? You need only valid microsoft access odbc drivers. They are normaly already installed. If not try to get a ms-office installation.


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            Check out the newest version:
            ELM327 support (Voltmeter)
            Flash clocks from
            Flash Games from


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              I really like your carMM front end. It is by far the best performing on my systems. Skins load super fast compared to RR and others (in my case 10 times faster).

              Where can I get some user information? I'm having a hard time embeding Iguidance. I can't seem to make the movies play full screen. Not sure how to change skins. That's just the beggining.

              Anyway, I'm excited that I finally found a front end that has the functions I want and performs well on my system I just need a little help getting it configured.


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                you have to doubleclick on the screen to maximize the video playback. Doubleclick again to restore to the original position. If you want to create new skins just copy the <defaultskin2> directory rename it to another as example <myskin>. Then copy defaultskin2.skn file to myskin.skn and change the bitmaps and jpeg's in <myskin> folder.
                You can choose the skins from the parameters window of CarMM2.

                Have fun


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                  Something went wrong when I changed the skin. I downloaded the HiFi skin from your webpage. I unzipped the files into the root of CarMM. This left a folder called Hifi (containing all the jpg's) and a HiFi.skn file I selected the hiFi.skn file from the parameter setup window within CarMM. I now have the HiFi skin overlayed with the default2 skin. Help


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                    you can't use the HiFi skin with version 2. Overwrite the hifi.skn file with the defaultskin2.skn file and copy the contents of the defaultskin2 folder to the hifi folder.


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                      I have to say it looks like it does EVERYTHING i need....... does destinator support bluetooth GPS????

                      Edit: I have a smart phone ....... bluetooth for that would have been nice ............ can the GSM be removed from the skin? i can live without that.


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                        No problem with Destinator and bt-gps


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                          does it load faster then RR does it support mappoint?


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                            Just try it and see the results. You can use mappoint with CarMM. Select mappoint.exe and put the class name in the parameters. Use microsoft spy to find the classname of mappoint.