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speed_fetish C# Mono Framework (Windows/Linux)

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  • speed_fetish C# Mono Framework (Windows/Linux)

    Hey guys I wanted to be a tease and show everyone what I have been working on. Tell me what you think please.

    The obdii can be found here ...

    Not quite everything is implemented in the media player yet.

    As of right now all the drawing is done in the framework and orginally was done with GDI+, but I am hopping to move to OpenGL (as I learn it)

    Full layout (used to help navigate newbies)

    Collapsed Version lets you view more songs

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    wow that looks really nice..
    glad to see there are other c# coders on here. Looking forward to the release!
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      The GDI+ frontend could be released although the media player suffers from flickering, so as of now I am try to learn openGL, so I can at least do the painting for the media player in openGL


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        hey conceited.
        i am working on one myself. are you building yours for linux or windows?
        i am a programmer and if i can help. let me know.
        actually i am building mine for linux and i am using Qt3
        looking foward to hear from you.


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          I have actually rewritten this code and now using BooGame as my 2d engine


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            That looks pretty nice so far. I like the collapsible bars on the sides.
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              Thats awesome, will it be lightweight? how stable is satelite radio? it looks really frickin good! When can we try it out? need testers?


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                That does look slick! I like the OBD interface too.
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                  Subscribed, can't wait to see how this progress.

                  Any ETA on alpha/beta release?
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                    Any news????