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DestiPLUS Frontend SDK for Destinator PN/6

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  • DestiPLUS Frontend SDK for Destinator PN/6

    hello guys and gals,

    i would like to attract your attention to my recent work, i called it DestiPLUS Frontend, the latest release now is v3.11 multilingual, it's free.

    you find my frontend (it is still being developed) on this page:
    it's a german forum, you have to register first (without charge), then you receive an email and you have to confirm it by clicking (same procedure as here). the thread is open for all languages, best is english, spanish, german, so please post your suggestions there.

    some of you (terran and others) still know my first intentions to access the Destinator PN/6 SDK in my Destinator skin and now i succeeded doing so by being able to read and write Destinator data.

    what does DestiPLUS do ?

    - delivers shortcut buttons onto destinator map in order to avoid the touchscreen fiendly menus. so there are shortcuts for e.g. fastest/shortest route, voice enable/disable, view route and others.

    - shortcuts on destinator surface to enter very fast poi, favorites, history and adress menu. the shortcut also provides and opens an osk for easy entering data. the osk contains special buttons to access easily the submenus (which is impossible to do in destinator without mouse)

    - winamp controls and volume on screen

    - big zoom buttons

    - plugins: there is the possibility to write and add up to plugins for DestiPLUS. the plugins are managed and can be selected in a configuration utility. for now i have written a few simple plugins, such as notepad and volume control and some more easy functions like shortcut to showgps. i am concentrated on the main program, so i think some of you might be able to write some more, for instance powerdvd, tv and so on. basically every external application can be embedded in DestiPLUS. there is a small instruction for writing plugins.

    - DestiPLUS is now fully compatible to roadrunner and cpos. in the configuration menu you can select the option and the position to be included in another frontend

    - com-port selection, which is very difficult in original destinator

    - map selection, language selection, and so on.

    i am still developing the SDK so there are many more features to come until i am able to access every single destinator setting.

    the version 3.11 now is multilingual for english and german and partly spanish, i am looking for people who can help me with other languages. i still didn't change graphic files to english, but i will be finished doing so in a few days. there is an extra download file for very essential graphic files yet. but anyway DestiPLUS is very easy to understand and self explanatory.

    download instructions: in the described link you find three parts of the program in three rar archives (maybe in the future there might be more parts to be found). you have to extract all files and folders simply into the same directory where your destinator.exe is situated. file size: appr. 6 MB by now.

    installation: run the program konfigurator.exe, select your language and make your settings. read the readme file for more information. you HAVE to run konfigurator.exe once, it makes the settings and writes the ini files to adapt DestiPLUS to your Destinastor. afterwards DestiPLUS can be opened with "DestiPLUS.exe" which opens and runs destinator.exe. you can access konfigurator.exe still while navigating by pushing the plugin-configuration button. konfigurator.exe can always be opened to change settings even during navigation, because after closing konfigurator it supplies destinator with the changed settings and the navigation goes on and is not interrupted. the settings of konfigurator are accessed by clicking the "red car". the button positions can be modified by clicking on the buttons themselves.

    okay, please try it and tell me your opinion, i think DestiPLUS is very unique and very nice tool to improve Destinator. i will be adding the possibility to skin the buttons soon by creating a special skin directory.

    i have to point out, that DestiPLUS because of its special interface does NOT use system recources like other frontends and does NOT slower the starting or navigation speed of destinator. it just stands by awaiting your command.

    there are still lots of things to do and i appreciate your ideas and opinion.

    sorry, i cannot post the program here due to the file limitations here, in the german forum they give me more space, and i not yet want to use a file hoster because i still develop the program adding features every day.

    so all i can post here are the english files (which you also find in the origin forum) with the readme and some screenshots.

    okay cu soon, try it out

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    my project: DestiPLUS Frontend v5.2 multilingual released
    the first & unique frontend providing you osk, sdk
    adv. management and wamp control with Destinator

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    ok, some more views
    Attached Files
    my project: DestiPLUS Frontend v5.2 multilingual released
    the first & unique frontend providing you osk, sdk
    adv. management and wamp control with Destinator


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      Looks interesting, will take a look. Are the plugins VB Compatible??


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        ok, please visit and try the new version 4.2
        i added skinability for the shortcut buttons, managment for the destinator's fovorites list and changes of the destinator fonts. also now you can exchange the position arrow against a car or anything you like.
        have a look on DestiPLUS, it is fully multilingual by now !
        please ask for support on that download site !
        Attached Files
        my project: DestiPLUS Frontend v5.2 multilingual released
        the first & unique frontend providing you osk, sdk
        adv. management and wamp control with Destinator


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          FYI - Destiplus is at v5.61 now
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            Getting Errror

            Hi, trying to check out Destiplus and are getting the folloing error...

            Skinning files have been Changed

            Do you want to run Konfigurator.

            I then run Konfigurator, select another skin and I get teh same error again.

            What am I doing wrong.

            Cheers Glynn

            PS. Been trying to register on the carpc .de site but really hard without an english button.


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              How long does the initial initialisation take?

              I was testing Destinator 6 and Destiplus on VMWARE.

              All i did was copy the destiantorapps folder from the pocket PC to my pc and installed destiplus in there.

              The konfigurator.exe sits on 99% and nothing seems to happen.

              I did leave it overnight with no luck


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                any update on this? thought I saw a 5.6
                Lez, more widely known as flez1966


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                  5.61 is the latest version.


                  some quick instructions I wrote on how to get it going.